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Tips to be more productive

Whatever your job or business, there are several ways to increase your productivity and exceed your expectations.

We list several tips to achieve this:

Use a mobile app for personal productivity

Although mobile apps often lead the user to distractions during business hours, technology can actually help us manage our time and activities more effectively and efficiently. We recommend the following applications:

  • Evernote: my favorite app to take notes and sync tasks.
  • Trello: project management using the Kanban method.

Plan your daily itinerary

Before starting your workday, establish everything you will do in the day. Do not forget the hours of lunch or dinner, nor the hours of rest. Start your day early and dedicate about 30 minutes to your itinerary. The first few days the schedules may fail, but as you continue you will learn how long it actually takes to complete an activity and you will be able to find new ways to complete your tasks.

Whether it’s studying, reading, or work assignments, it’s very easy to put off non-urgent activities, even days before they are due. Establishing a specific daily work period to complete these tasks will help you accomplish them on a day-to-day basis. You can use an agenda or a service like Google Calendar to control your daily itinerary.

Set up an achievement journal

Write down all the achievements you achieve daily. Write down the date and time when you finish an activity and get something that you had proposed. You can use Evernote for this. At the end of a working day, it is often thought that nothing has been achieved, leading to loss of motivation and productivity.

If you can keep an achievement journal each day, you will stay motivated and your work will be more rewarding.

Find time for exercise

Entrepreneurs often do not find enough time to train any sport. Despite being a well-known tip, it is also the most popular New Year’s resolution and the one that results in the most defectors.

Start small and set your goals. If you have the resources, sign up for a group class at a gym.

Reorganize your workplace

Your desk can be the cause of low motivation when it comes to work. Rearrange your workplace, move your computer, and add some organizers on the table. Changes in the environment encourage you to start new challenges and activities and refresh your thoughts.

Do it once a month or when you feel stuck and great ideas will flow.

Carry out your activities with the help of software

There are many activities that are done in a certain way for years. Some of these can be done with the help of specialized software to automate manual processes and spend this time on some other activity. Think of tasks that can be done on your computer or from your phone and give it a try. It may take a little time to learn the software at first, but as you use it, the results will surprise you. At Netsoft Consulting we can create applications specifically designed for your tasks and increase your productivity. Contact us and be more productive.

Disable your cell phone notifications

Unless your work is strictly related to social networks, disable notifications from these while you are on your day. Social media is proven to be the number one cause of distraction at work these days. Leave messaging and calling services on in case they need to contact you. It’s a good idea to mute group chats for as long as you’re in the office or at the gym. You will appreciate personal relationships and increase your productivity dramatically.