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Challenges for businesses by 2020

A new year begins and along with it, new challenges for companies.

Whatever the industry, technology is an essential part of the business roadmap. New ways of doing business require special attention to stay ahead.

Here we list several areas that require more focus by companies in 2020.

Data Protection

For several years, data has been a critical asset of companies. There are several laws at the international level that dictate guidelines about data management and several countries are developing new regulations that will directly affect data management processes. In 2020, data protection and cyber security will be key to successful business management.

Cloud computing costs

More and more companies are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. With a wide range of options and different providers, it is essential to keep constant control of costs and real needs to get the best possible benefit from cloud services.

For several firms, the costs of the cloud model have become fixed costs and are part of budget planning. The decision to migrate to the cloud should not be taken lightly. There are several frameworks available that ensure proper evaluation and successful migration. At Netsoft Consulting we have expert professionals in the adoption of cloud computing. Contact us to learn more.

Trust in the brand

The Internet has opened great doors of knowledge for users. With so much information available, it is increasingly difficult to gain trust from new customers. Various news about information leakage, computer fraud, etc. They have led companies to choose specific strategies to build trust and recurrence. These are the mandatory approaches for 2020:

  • Experiencia: más allá del buen producto o servicio obligatorio, ofrecer al cliente experiencias diferentes hará superar la competencia.
  • Privacidad: garantizar que la información del cliente sea resguardada hará que se sienta cómodo al utilizar nuestro producto o servicio.
  • Post-venta: lograr el retorno del consumidor es clave para el crecimiento empresarial, existen varias técnicas que lograrán este objetivo.

Companies must not only adapt to emerging changes in the globalized world, but also be a benchmark for innovation. Anticipating possible changes will ensure the success of the business.

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